Jennifer Lynch

Born: 1961, Buffalo, NY

Biography and Information

Jennifer Lynch’s (b. 1961) otherworldly compositions examine both the macrocosm and the microcosm. Her paintings are inspired by networks found in nature, from the nervous system to crystalline structures. She paints like a printmaker using stencils, masks and rollers and uses printmaking inks as the medium. The booth presentation includes a survey of works from different series spanning 22 years. The title of her paintings are names of asteroids and Latin names of wildflowers.

New bodies of work come out of Lynch’s experimental process. The artist works in a non linear continuum spanning 30 years and every piece is informed by previous bodies of work. Drawings on mylar are fractured and turned into photopolymer etching plates which are printed as variations. The matrix from the prints are translated onto large panels which are reworked. Lynch’s large diffused paintings are made by splattering printers inks onto canvases while using stencils to interfere and build composition. By using proprietary interference inks, Lynch’s diffused paintings appear to be lit from within. The overspray from making the large canvas works is the foundation of her smaller panels.

Jennifer Lynch is an artist, printmaker, and educator based in Santa Fe, NM. Highly versed in various mediums of printmaking, including etching, lithography, woodcut, and monotype, her own work specializes in photopolymer viscosity etching. Recent exhibitions include a group exhibition at the Albuquerque Museum in 2022 and a solo exhibition at the Taos Art Museum in 2019.

In 1999, the artist launched Lynch Pin Press. Lynch’s master printmaking work was featured in the Printers Proof exhibition at the Albuquerque Museum and included  collaborations with Larry Bell, Ron Cooper, Ron Davis, Guy Dill, Charles Christopher Hill, Ken Price, and Charles Strong.

The minuscule, microscopic and the macroscopic dynamics of natural forces drive me… Color and pattern are my metaphors for natural rhythms and nature’s underlying mysteries.  – Jennifer Lynch

ISA, AM/designation, International Society of Appraisers

MFA Painting/Printmaking, Hunter College, New York, NY

BFA Printmaking/Photography, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO

Concentration Studio Research, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

Solo Exhibitions
Jennifer Lynch, Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque, NM

COSMIC LANDSCAPE, Taos Art Museum, Taos, NM

New Painting, DAFA, Taos, NM
Lithos, Artifact, New York, NY

Crystals, Gallery Neuartig, San Pedro, CA

Jennifer Lynch: New Work, Fenix Gallery, Taos, NM

Jennifer Lynch: Fractal Series and New Work, University of New Mexico–Gallup, Gallup, NM

Jennifer Lynch: Fractal Series, ILK Gallery, Denver, CO
Jennifer Lynch: Fractal Series, Fenix Gallery, Taos, NM

Jennifer Lynch: M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition, Vorhees Gallery, Hunter College, New York, NY

Group Exhibitions
Nature: Human Nature, Loft at Liz’s, Hollywood, CA
Work by WOMEN: Nature Altered, Harwood Museum of Art, Taos, NM
Santa Fe Community College Faculty show, New Mexico State Capitol, Roundhouse, Santa Fe, NM

528.0 Juried Printmaking Exhibition, Center for Visual Art, Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO

Pressing Through Time, 150 Years of Printmaking in Taos, Encore Gallery Taos Community Auditorium, Taos, NM
Pressing Through Time, 150 Years of Printmaking in Taos, 203 Fine Art, Taos, NM
Thirty year Retrospective, Graphic Impressions, Taos, NM

New Art / New Mexico, Ross Museum of Art, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH
Print Austin, Art Science Gallery, Austin, TX

4 Sight: 4 Walls/ 3 Curators, Encore Gallery Community Auditorium, Taos, NM
Perception|Color|Line|Pattern, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Denver (Arvada), CO
560 Exhibit, Redline For The Invisible Museum, Denver, CO
Group Show, Artifact, New York City, NY

Taos Contemporary, Metropolitan State College Center For Visual Art, Denver, CO
Pressing The Limits III, Golden West College Gallery Of Fine Arts, Huntington Beach, CA

The Print, (Artspace) at Untitled, Oklahoma City, OK

Pressing The Limits, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, CO

Pressing The Limits, Contemporary Arts Center, Las Vegas, NV
Open Gallery, Logan Fine Arts, Houston, TX
Holiday Show, Logan Fine Arts, Houston, TX

Biennale Internazionale Dell’arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy

Green: Inaugural Exhibition, 23 New Mexican Artists, 516 Arts, Albuquerque, NM

Solarplate Revolution, BCB Gallery, Hudson, NY
Solarplate Revolution, Whitney Art Works, Greenport, NY
Print As Art: All Gallery Show, Fenix Gallery, Taos, NM
New Mexico Printmakers, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM
University Of New Mexico Faculty Show, Stables Art Gallery, Taos, NM
6 Degrees Print Exchange, Tucson Museum of Art Collection, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Jennifer Lynch, Lois Tarlow: Recent Prints, Harwood Museum of Art, Taos, NM
Taos Art Today: Northern New Mexico Printmakers, Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO
Two Towns, Plaza Gallery, Vail, CO
Monothon 16, Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

Friends of Contemporary Art, Whelan Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Works On Paper, Taos Art Association, Stables Gallery, Taos, NM
Grace Under Pressure: Three Printmakers, Fenix Gallery, Taos, NM
UNM Marches on the TAA, Stables Gallery, Taos, NM
Monothon 13, Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

Art Santa Fe, Hotel Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
The Tree Show/Arms of the Earth, Center For Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM
Faculty Art Show, The College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
Artists/Printers Tribute To Monothon, Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
Taos Fall Arts Festival, Civic Plaza Gallery, Taos, NM
Monothon 11, Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

Artist/Teachers Annual Faculty Show, The College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
Monothon 10, Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

Monothon ’95, The College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
Representation, Lumina Fine Art and Photography, Taos, NM
Taos Fall Arts Festival, Civic Plaza Gallery, Taos, NM
Group Show, Taos Photographic Workshop, Taos, NM

Catherine Lorillard Wolf Ninety-Sixth Annual Open Exhibition, National Arts Club, New York, NY 

Albuquerque Museum
Alyce and Larry Frank
Charles Christopher Hill
Gus Foster
Harwood Museum of Art
Larry Bell
Mark and Polly Addison


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Press Release
Richard Levy Gallery at Intersect Palm Springs