Jennifer Vasher

Tylenol Room
March 27 30

Press Release

Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present The Tylenol Room (Entitlement- The Past Is Never Dead and Buried) at PULSE New York. This project was one of a few selected from dozen’s of submissions to be feautured at the fair. The project was mentioned in Art Info’s review of PULSE 2008. Download the article here

The Tylenol Room (Entitlement- The Past Is Never Dead and Buried) is a canopied room hung with garlands of strung white pills. Over 500,000 aspirin went into the creation of this piece, individually drilled and strung similar to a traditional pearl necklace. is a contemplative meditation on loss and survival. Vasher’s patient process of stringing each pill is akin to saying the Catholic rosary, obsessively over and over again, and in so doing, a prayer for redemption, hope, and faith. The Tylenol Room is a gift, a deliverance from pain and suffering. More overtly, it is also an irreverent commentary on our overly medicated culture, and psychoanalysis.

Pharmaceuticals run through our infrastructure– our families and our country. You have are ill and without this – you die. With this script you can be calmer, smarter, pain can live. Pharms are surpassing illegal drugs for supplemental and recreational purposes- as are their overdoses. I have pulled inspiration from personal history while reflecting on our overmedicated society. As children, my brother and I would medicine cabinet snoop just to be in the know about someone (mom, dad, grandma, the neighbor), or looking for ‘something good’ for something, anything, to disturb or break our nothingness.
-Jennifer Vasher

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Dates: March 27–30, 2008
Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 11 am–4 pm
Location: PULSE New York, Pier 40, West Side Highway at Houston, New york, NY
Contact: 505.766.9888,, @levygallery