Thais Mather

Thais Mather

Born: 1983, Santa Fe, NM

Biography and Information

Thais Mather (b.1983) is a multimedia artist whose exploration of different materials is an integral part of her practice. Mather’s works are often about the magic found in everyday experiences. Fascinated by human perception and sparked by the experience of childbirth, light has become both a medium and an inspiration for creating holograms. In this investigation, she poses these questions: What is the difference between sight and perception? and How can the sensation of light — as both visual and experiential phenomenon — be communicated through artistic practice?

Thais Mather is an artist and educator based in Santa Fe, NM. She holds an MFA in installation art and feminist theory from the Vermont College of Fine Arts where she is now a Graduate Professor of Art. Mather has exhibited widely and her work has been reviewed in various publications including Southwest Contemporary and Pasatiempo in the Santa Fe New Mexican. She is a recipient of the Shipley Swan Fellowship for Printmaking, the Levin Lutz Fellowship for Installation and Research, and the LewAllen Grant for Educators. Mather also owns and operates Good Folk Gallery in Santa Fe, NM with her husband, artist Todd Ryan White. The focus of Good Folk Gallery is to support and create careers for folk artists from Northern New Mexico and Oaxaca, Mexico.

I became particularly curious about the medium of light and holography when I gave birth to my daughter Ember, one year ago. I had been told before the process of birth that a contraction has identical energetic qualities to a bolt of lightning. Therefore, during childbirth, I held a vision of lightning catapulting through my anatomy. To feel this surge of life pulsing through me was unlike any experience I could have possibly imagined. As my body experienced the absolute definition of its power, my mind was singularly focused on a sharp bolt of light that was both seen and felt. – Thais Mather

2013 MFA, Vermont College of Fine Arts Installation, Social Practice, Critical Theory
2006 BFA, University of Montana Printmaking

Solo Exhibitions
Western Blue, form and concept, Santa Fe, NM

Reckless Abandon, form and concept, Santa Fe, NM

The Anonymous Author, Red Bud Gallery, Houston, TX

Wonder Bitch, The Unit Store, Houston, TX

Wonder Bitch, Studio T, Santa Fe, NM
Wonder Bitch, Wood Arts Gallery, Montpelier, VT

Group Exhibitions
Opening Showcase, Hecho Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Another World, Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque, NM

Immemorial, Hinterland Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
 516 ARTS, Albuquerque, NM
Summer Show, form and concept, Santa Fe, NM

Women’s Work, David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Printed Matter, Offroad Productions, Santa Fe, NM

One Billion Rising, various locations Art Houston, Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX

A Glance at the Sun, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
AHA Art Festival, Santa Fe, NM Coffee and Nicotine, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Santa Fe, NM
Rare Earth, Red Dot Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Reckless Abandon performance with Niomi Fawn, Todd Ryan White, Ekalos Reed, and Tim Reed, form and concept, Santa Fe, NM
Victory Grrrls in conjunction with Judy Chicago, form and concept, Santa Fe, NM

2014 One Billion Rising, commissioned artist
2012 Levin/Lutz Fellowship, Vermont College of Fine Arts
2010 Shipley Swan Fellowship, University of Tennessee
2008 LewAllen Grant, Santa Fe Preparatory School

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Press Release
2022 Another World at Richard Levy Gallery
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