Rachel Perry Welty

Ironic Column

December 4 9

Art Miami Public Installation Award

Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present a large scale installation by Rachel Perry Welty for Art Miami. Ironic Column is from a series of architecturally responsive sculptures formed entirely from tens of thousands of silver metallic twist ties.  Mimicking an architectural structure without being one, the column calls attention to the functionality of things. 

An overlooked, mundane item we use briefly and discard, the twist tie is bestowed with a reverential monumentality in the Ironic Column.  Sparkly and glamorous, the column appeals to our vanity as well as exhibiting aspects of ritual. It relates to the intricacy of Felix González-Torres’s candy spills and the decadence and glam of Andy Warhol’s silver factory. Repetitive, beautiful, and compulsive, the Ironic Column is an installation that has been recreated in a variety of venues reflecting its multiplicity of implications. 

This site specific column questions our complicated relationship to beauty and desire, consumption and fear, guilt and greed, coaxing a moment of existential longing in an art fair tent.  

Rachel Perry Welty was a finalist for the prestigious Foster Prize at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Massachusetts, where she has work in the permanent collection.  Additionally, Ms. Welty’s work is featured in several prominent collections besides the ICA including the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  Her work has also been mentioned in several prominent publications including the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune.

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Dates: December 4–9, 2007
Location: Art Miami, Wyndwood Arts District NW 2nd Ave/22nd Street Miami, FL 33137
Contact: 505.766.9888, info@levygallery.com, www.levygallery.com @levygallery