Horst and Daniel Zielske • Megalopolis Shanghai

In this series of pictures, the two photographers – father and son – present Shanghai between fiction and reality as the ‘city of tomorrow’. The focal point of their photographic work is the architecture of the city’s streets, a critical investigation and analysis encompassing the subject of urban landscape. In a long-term project begun in November 2002, they have been documenting the metropolis Shanghai as an urban composition, a man-made architectural living space and enviroment of unprecedented and unimaginably gigantic dimensions. The resulting images are of immense visual beauty.

Hardcover: 78 pages
Publisher: Edition Braus, Heidelberg (Germany), 2006
Language: English and German
ISBN-10: 3899042255
ISBN-13: 9783899042252
Product Dimensions: 325 x 425 mm
Shipping Weight: 4.14 lbs

Artwork and Information

Horst and Daniel Zielske