Jeff Kellar

Stacked, Cornered and Glimpsed
November 30 January 14

Exclusively on ARTSY

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Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present Jeff Kellar: Stacked, Cornered, and Glimpsed, a group of paintings created in 2022. This exhibition is presented online exclusively on ARTSY. This exhibition can be viewed online through January 14, 2023.

View the exhibition here.

Jeff Kellar creates beautiful surfaces through the application of many layers of acrylic resin and clay pigment onto aluminum panels. Each layer is methodically sanded and buffed leaving the surface smooth and modulated. Playing with illusion, ambiguity, and space, Kellar uses these ultra flat surfaces to form dimensional compositions.

Most of my work is very pared down. It could be seen to be just itself, an abstract expression of forms and colors in relation to each other. It also could be seen to exist within the illusion of space. Sometimes the colors are arranged to create the effect of luminescence, other times the colors look flat and illusion is created by perspective. My method is to take advantage of the conventions of picture reading, the perceptual clues that everyone uses for discerning space and distance, to create an emotional response: the pleasure of recognition.      –Jeff Kellar

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Dates/Hours: Always Open November 30–January 14, 2023
Contact: 505.766.9888,, @levygallery