Jackie Riccio

Land of Plenty
January 27 March 12

Press Release

Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present Land of Plenty, an installation by Jackie Riccio. Blurring the boundaries between life and art, Riccio transforms the gallery into a pseudo-domestic space.

Redefining how we experience art, Riccio poses: instead of art being in a frame on a wall, what if art is the wall? Land of Plenty includes murals, three-dimensional paintings, tufting, and collage. Colorful abstract paintings seep off of the canvas and onto the wall. Each mark and shape Riccio makes is inspired by an idea, whether it be a neural pathway or a rainy day, but the marks remain abstract and open to interpretation.

Components of what makes a home are brought into the exhibition space at a time when homes have become an every-space. During the pandemic, dwellings have been converted into offices, gyms, movie theaters, restaurants, classrooms, art studios, and more. Riccio connects the dots between the impermanence of renting a home, a long term reality for most Millennials, and the transient nature of gallery exhibitions. Releasing the expectation of maintaining pristine white boxes in both the gallery and rental home, Riccio creates an environment that serves one’s needs and brings joy.

Jackie Riccio’s artistic practice includes experimental painting, textile, installation, costume, and community organization. Land of Plenty is also what Riccio calls her studio, body of work, and way of life. Riccio is an organizing member of The Palace Collective and Leftover Sewing. She has exhibited across the United States, Canada, and internationally in Germany, Poland, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. Riccio studied printmaking and ceramics at Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, NM, and Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD. She currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.

As a visitor in this desert I acknowledge and appreciate the ancestral Puebloans who have lived in communion with this land before us. Here in Albuquerque the Pueblo people of Sandia and Isleta have been stewards to this colorful earth, towering mountains and big sky for thousands of years and continue living here today. We reside on stolen lands; all of the work in this exhibition was made on occupied Southern Tiwa territory in the year 2020. – Jackie Riccio 

This exhibition is currently being presented online, please check our website for updates on in-person appointments. High-resolution images are available on request. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube@levygallery @jackie.ricc #jackiericcio #richardlevygallery #landofplenty

Dates: January 27–March 12, 2021
Hours: Always Open Online
Location: 514 Central Avenue SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Contact: 505.766.9888, info@levygallery.com, www.levygallery.com @levygallery