Intersect Palm Springs

Nikesha Breeze and Jennifer Lynch
Booth 403
February 9 12

Booth 403

Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present a selection of paintings by Nikesha Breeze and Jennifer Lynch at Intersect Palm Springs. The program highlights works by two contemporary female artists working with concepts of space and time in the northern New Mexico region. Find us in Booth 403.

The space-time conceptual model combines the three dimensions of space with the fourth dimension of time. Presented together, these artists’ works invite viewers to examine notions of time and space individually and the inextricable link that connects them both.

Nikesha Breeze and The gallery is showing three works by Taos based artist Nikesha Breeze from the series Archival Portraiture: The Reclamation of the Black American Image. The images in the series are taken from rare daguerreotypes depicting Black people dating back to the 1840s. Breeze renders these portraits life size as a way to impart honor and recognition to ancestors who likely never received such acknowledgment in their own time.  The artist works from what she calls an AfroCentric, AfroFuturistic lens and aspires to heal ancestral trauma by reimagining the past to redesign the future. Breeze was recently selected by the New Mexico Women in the Arts as a 2023 Woman to Watch in New Mexico. The Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama commissioned Breeze to produce an ambitious installation of 108 Death Masks to be cast in bronze, which will debut at the museum in 2023. 

The gallery is featuring a selection of ink-on-panel paintings by Santa Fe Jennifer Lynch, many of which have never been shown. Lynch’s otherworldly compositions examine both the macrocosm and the microcosm and her version of various structures in between. The title of each painting comes from names of asteroids. In 1999 the artist launched Lynch Pin Press where she worked as master printer collaborating with numerous artists, including Larry Bell, Ron Cooper, Ron Davis, Guy Dill, Christopher Hill, Ken Price, and Charles Strong. This will be the first time the gallery presents Lynch’s work at an art fair, followed by a solo exhibition at the gallery in the spring of 2023.


Nikesha Breeze and Jennifer Lynch online videos.

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Dates: February 9–12, 2023
VIP Reception: Thursday, February 9: 5–8 pm
Hours: Friday, February 10: 11 am–6 pm, Saturday, February 11: 11 am–5 pm, Sunday, February 12: 11 am–3 pm
Location: Palm Springs Convention Center, 277 N Avenida Caballeros, Palm Springs, CA 92262
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