Art Chicago

Chicago, IL
May 10 – 13

Booth C16

Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present works by an anonymous artist late 20th C., Augusto Arbizo, Stuart Arends, Matthew Bakkom, Thomas Barrow, Gabi Brandt, Marc Brotherton, Suzanne Caporael, Gregory Coates, Glenn Goldberg, Frederick Hammersley, Adam Henry, Sylvia Hommert, Claire Jervert, Glenn Kawabata, Eric Keck, Andrew Millner, Wes Mills, Greg Parker, Ed Ruscha, Antonio Vigil, Tom Waldron, and Johnnie Wonona Ross. This will be the eighth year that Richard Levy Gallery has exhibited at the Navy Pier.

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Dates: May 10–13, 2002
Location: Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
Contact: 505.766.9888,, @levygallery